My self imposed demand to post 3 images a day on Instagram is beginning to determine what I do in studio time. This is partly due to the content and mediums used in my analogue work are not an easy fit within the aesthetic of my Instagram feed. The grid also requires posts in groups of three to keep the pattern whole.

I thought the fun of constructing an abstract feed with visual logic would be enough to sustain me. I now realise my need to develop a stronger narrative.

Working the pattern

I have set a visual tone in mixing abstract and representative images by using pattern and colour with interruptions of greys and black to try and resolve this.

Some basic questions need answers :

Q1. How do I integrate existing imagery within the gloss of megapixel displays?

Q2. Should I show existing work or current work or both?

Q3. What is the purpose of my feed?

Answering question 3 should resolve all questions.

I will resort to sick inducing digital play as I muse over this little dilemma.

Playing with pixels
(C) 2019