My love of drawing, politics, and architecture , with a little nudge from my father, led me to work with Aboriginal communities in Northern Australia over the past few decades. My early graphic work included the publication of pictorial chronicles of Northern Australia, political cartoons and several solo exhibitions during the eighties.

Through the looking glass

I love line drawings for their clarity and simple vitality that is hard to capture with other mediums. The spontaneity of the drawn line and its unforgiving nature once committed to paper, is one of the enjoyments of making art.

In 1988, my interest in sequential drawing, and frustration with the static image, led me to complete a Post Graduate diploma in animation at the Swinburne Film School leading to a very short, third career in animation, with commissions for children’s films and a couple of TV commercials.

iPhone finger painting in Times Square NYC.

I returned to my architectural practice soon after, maintaining my art practice through animation and exploring new digital media using the iPod and other iDevices. I have established a studio in country Victoria in a tin shed since closing the architectural practice in 2016.

My preferred mediums include pastel; ink, using pen and brush; graphite; screen based multimedia; digital drawing on the iPad/iPhone and wet process printing; painting; collage, and making drawings with mixed media on paper.  

I will continue to draw and paint until I drop from the tree.

Outside looking in. Studio with SP
Outside looking in. Working in the studio. Cobwebs on the outside.