Over four decades working with Aboriginal groups throughout Australia. An experienced cross-cultural consultant who practices community development principles and sustainable architecture.

Co authored standard reference texts on town camp development and housing management for use by remote area communities. 

Bachelor of Architecture. University of Melbourne 1966.


Experience in project delivery and design for Indigenous housing including 18 projects undertaken nationally between 1995 and 2001 under the Housing Infrastructure Planning Program (HIPP) and the National Aboriginal Health Strategy – Environmental Health Program (NAHS-EHP) throughout Northern Australia (WA, Qld, SA, NT) and Victoria. Between 1985 and 1998 completed TCHIP projects in Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Elliot that involved economic, social and physical developments. Other architectural works include medical facilities, community offices and rental housing.

Advised the NT government on housing management and training issues including the preparation of an Australian Research Council project on behalf of the NT government proposing training programs for the management and maintenance of housing stock in rural Aboriginal Communities. (1994).

Completed major town planning projects in the NT involving land negotiations, land-use planning and development strategies, master planning, infrastructure, quantitative analysis of environmental conditions and community housing layouts.(1975 to 2007).

Principal Architect with GHD, working on the Strategic Infrastructure Housing Program (SIHIP) and the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Ingenous Housing (NPARIH) in the Northern Territory, 2008 to 2011.

Senior Design Adviser, Department of Housing NT. 2011 to April 2015.

Project experience covers housing design developments across all states and territories since 1972  to current.

2015 onwards: An occasional consultant.


NT Department of Housing and Local Government. Remote Housing . Development of  the Housing Design Guidelines for Remote Public Housing in the NT . Northern Territory Government 2008-2009

NT Department of Housing and Local Government. Community Housing Management Program. Review and assessment reporting. 1997

Nguiu Community Government Council, Bathurst Island: Preparation of 5-Year Housing Management Plan. Nguiu Community. 1994/5

Presentation on Aboriginal Housing Management Planning to the Aboriginal Housing Policy Unit. NT Department of Housing and Local Government. 1995

Research Project No 175: Australian Housing Research Council “Training Programs for the Management and maintenance of housing stock in rural Aboriginal Communities”. CGPS 92/93.

Elliot NT infrastructure report-Julalikari Council, Aboriginal Development Corporation (ADC) and the Department of Community Development (DCD). Town Camp Housing and Infrastructure Program (TCHIPP): Development, Planning Studies. Report on social, cultural, and economic conditions of Aboriginal residents. Preparation of housing and land needs assessment, land management, landscaping and engineering services. Preparation of development plans for 2 town camps. 89/91.


Instrumental in the formation of the Alice Springs town camper organisation, Tangentyere Council, during the period 1975 to 1977. Undertook land negotiations and lease development planning for 12 town camps including the design of new housing and support infrastructure.

Between 1985 and 2002 he worked closely with Julalikari Council in Tennant Creek to negotiate land uses and land tenure for several town camps including funding to implement as large housing and infrastructure programs.

Advised and assisted numerous Aboriginal communities and Local government Councils and organisations in the Northern Territory.

Community Housing


Experienced in designing survey instruments and database design for large community based infrastructure projects.

Completed numerous studies and feasibility reports for health and infrastructure projects based on quantative research and cross cultural consultations.

Undertook research studies for the Australian Housing Research Council and the Northern Territory government into housing management training.

Completed a 12 month study of  Aboriginal housing design from pre colonial times to the 1968 with his Partner, Barbara Wigley. Refer to: Black Iron: A History of Aboriginal housing in Northern Australia. Wigley B and Wigley J National Trust (NT). 1993. Currently undertaking research into Indigenous housing developments post 1968 to present.


Ran a small architectural team of up to dozen people undertaking community housing projects throughout Australia.

Experienced working with, and directing, multi-disciplined teams that included engineers, health professionals, sociologists, lawyers, economists and vocational educators etc.

Responsible for community projects involving all levels of government, organisations and user group liaison and reporting.


  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Melbourne (1966). Australia.
  • Post Graduate Diploma: Film and Television. (Animation) Swinburne. Melbourne Australia (1988).