More notes to myself on printing

The world of printing press, ink and chemistry provides opportunities to avoid settling down alone with my mind’s eye, staring at a blank sheet. The discipline required, by the various processes, rein in my impatience and at the same time keep me curious in the chance of happy accidents.

Looking for a likeness

Winter approaches outside my study window and into my mind. Across the sea, Gaza is exploding and Australia continues to be governed by aliens. For relief I look to the art works hanging in a corner of our writing room: Jim Wigley’s ink drawing of 3 women and child returning to camp with fish, Noel Counihan’s linocut, ‘Laughing Christ’ and Brandy Tjungurrayi’s painting of the “football game”. All three works are part of my story.

Australia burning

The rhetoric of the federal government and its fellow travellers puts this country in further jeopardy. There are one or two LNP “influencers” calling for more land clearing! In the words of the softly spoken Laura Tingle, ” go fuck yourself”.

A rambling rumination on art

It’s a fine luxury to be in a position to work at unravelling your world view through your art without the threat of poverty or persecution.

It is a noble endeavour to create pretty and decorative images that give pleasure and respite to our daily grind. Is exploring the not so nice realities of the world in an aesthetic coating any more noble?