This is an overdue update on the progress of Red Heart No 3, a graphic novel titled  Catch Him by His Name. It has been in the works since 1988. It is nearly 12 months since last reporting on progress.

  1. Timelines created;
  2. Main characters listed with timeline;
  3. Rough draft structure completed;
  4. Diaries airing in the sun;
  5. Sorting existing pictorial resources;
  6. Commenced sketch writing of each chapter;
  7. Started identifying what’s missing;
  8. Mulling over character, voice and tone; and
  9. Toes crossed, drawing hand exercising.

The current written draft underwent the “hard eye’ of an independent reader. I am now faced with reworking the story/script and drawing the characters.

As previously reported, sorting my diaries and other material was like being inside a kelp forest with floating strands pulling one way or another, occasional eddies and dark waters.   

The choice of expressing my story through illustration, drawing, photos and scanned memorabilia or do I stay with the Red Heart comic format using caricatures and sequential drawings remains unresolved.

The drawing below is a try at capturing the ethereal nature of my father, Jim Wigley at Strelley Station in the Pilbara with the Mob and Don McLeod. Jim is standing in the tomato patch he tendered with loving care. It was a preoccupation which he captured in a humorous drawings of himself chasing children raiding his garden patch.

Jim standing in his Strelley garden. Drawing and iPad variant 2021

An earlier drawing of Jim I made on the iPad -a typical pose with a rollie cigarette. Based on photograph taken in Tennant Creek during his brief stay in 1991:

Jim. Ipad drawing collage. 2012

But now winter approaches outside my study window and into my mind. Across the sea, Gaza is exploding and Australia continues to be governed by aliens rotten to their core. As I think of such realities, I glance at three art works hanging in a corner of our writing room: Jim Wigley’s ink drawing sketch of 3 women and child returning to camp with fish, Noel Counihan’s linocut, ‘Laughing Christ’ and Brandy Tjungurrayi’s painting of a ‘football game’. All three works are reminders to keep swimming and hope the work’s visual voice soon takes hold ….

Working Document May 2020

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