Created small animations, using Standard 8 film, for loop projection onto paintings and sculpture 1967-1972. Completed post graduate studies in 1988  at the Swinburne Film School (animation) , Melbourne, Australia.

Shooting on the iPhone

Short stint in the commercial arena between 1992 and 1994

Uncle Henry still.
Screen Capture from Uncle Henry


  • 1994. Uncle Henry (3 min 10 sec) (G) 16 mm Video PAL version, colour. Animation: pastel on paper. ‘Lift 0ff 2’ TV series; Australian Children’s Television Foundation. A young Aboriginal boy from the city visits his Uncle in the country. Animator and Director.
  • 1993.The Chair and Rabbits (30 secs and 15 secs). Video. PAL- Colour. Sand on glass. Television commercials for C T A. Animator and director.
  • 1992. Destroy (3 min 22 sec) (G) Video PAL version, colour. Animation: pencil/pastel on paper and sand on glass. ‘Munch Kids/Lift off’ TV series; Australian Children’s Television Foundation Children discuss the concept of death and growth. Selected for Annecy Animation Festival 1993, France. Writer/animator and director. Note: Link seems archived.
  • Animation Plus‘ exhibition screenings throughout the United Kingdom during 1994 and 1995, organised by Collins Gallery, Glasgow. Presentation of animation stills and screenings.

Independent Productions.

  • 1988. Mum’s Friend. (5min 40 sec) (PGA) 16 mm colour. Swinburne Film School. Traditional animation on paper and toner on glass. Story of a child’s reaction to his mother’s changed circumstances. (Film selected for inclusion in ‘House of Fun’ production 1993/94; shown in Portugal and Italy; Atom Awards, Melbourne). Writer/animator and director.
  • 1988. Sunday: (1 min 20 sec). (G) 16mm colour. Computer graphics and animation. Swinburne Film School Impression of the St Kilda foreshore and beach activities using scanned photos, drawings and animated computer graphics. Writer/animator and director.