Sydney sojourn

Our visit to Sydney entailed a ferry ride or two, staying out of frame of influencers filming themselves along The Corso, mingling with other tourists and enjoying the sunshine. Crumbs, how to destroy the public interface to a glorious harbour, or are there secret hollows and public spaces competing with the raw development only known by locals? I hope so.

A pilgrimage

Looking at the Hiroshima Panels: The work shares a place alongside Picasso’s raw and direct Guernica , Goya’s clarity in The Disasters of War series, and strength found in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Drawalong travels

The road kill between Wentworth and Broken Hill is up there with Tassie stats by the look of it…kangaroos, wallabies,…


A daily territorial battle disrupts the tranquility of our garden, as two ravens and their chick nested high in large…