Experiment with overexposed cyanotype. Wasp series.

Wasp Experiment 230305

2 negative- non registered experiment- stages 1 and 2

Original. Exposure:400 seconds UV unit. Jacquard A and B mix.


  • Bleached for 10 minutes and rinsed.
  • Bath for 2 hours 39 minutes in mix of saffron and Sweet potato juice and water. Image gained colour within 10 minutes.
  • Dried 12 hours.


  • Recoated and left to dry for 2 hours.
  • Exposed with second negative for 120 seconds. Negative not registered.
  • Washed in tank water and cap of white vinegar for 5 minutes.
  • Left to dry

NOTE: The yellow in the 2nd double negative exposure print is brighter in the real world 🙂

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