Working the grid on Instagram is of interest to me just for the fun of composing images within the apps constraints of time, existing images, and the simple apps available for creating images. Another curiosity is observing the vagaries of taste and “likes” across the platform.

Instagram musings

A play with pixelated photos.

This video is made using photos taken by a Camera, pixelated in Leonardo, turned into a video using Giffer, extended in iMovie then uploaded to Instagram with iPreview.

Screenshot of Instagram feed.

Searching for a satisfactory aesthetic is ongoing as I place my analogue and digital drawings alongside each other within the grid. So far, my feed is reflecting a pull between telling a sequential visual story using old work and curiosity to chase new digital iconography by working with what I have i.e. Photos take with an iPhone and free or 2 dollar apps with publishing to the web.

The attraction is personal, as I can bury abstract and oblique references within a digital mash-up. A story can only be exposed by unstitching the making of the final image. There is a challenge to make the obscure understandable.

Crazy window

So curiosity keeps leading me to have fun on my mobile devices each with their assorted apps. Applying filters, swapping images and sequences between apps is a journey of surprises and testing aesthetics. The downside is some degradation in image quality and the resulting image/s having no relevance to anyone else but me.

To be continued…..maybe.