I am finally researching which social media platforms to focus on or not. It is quite a challenge for an introverted creative, preferring to stand in the twilight of the real world. 

I have left a trail of web existences since around 1990, starting with an  aborted RMIT Masters Degree in Interactive media at AIM with John Bird, where I explored using html coding for “ Wired Tracks” a web based social networking platform uniting Aboriginal communities across Australia.

Since that flurry I’ve been an off and on participant on most web platforms created by those more persistent including:

•Opera •My Space •YouTube •Flickr •Tumblr •Google Plus • EyeEm • FB •Instagram • Ello •Mastodon and others forgotten.

I have fickle allegiances in this grand battle between companies spruiking for our custom and data. I have become battle worn. This post is the start of my further reflection on the use of Facebook and Instagram. To this end, I have taken steps to get some insight into the workings of FB and Instagram to understand their arcane workings. 

It’s clear that engagement is a key along with posting content that is of interest and relevance to your cohort and fellow travellers. Terms “good and bad” are meaningless in this domain. This is not a shattering insight, but then most insights are facing up to what’s staring you in the face.  

In the past four decades a few moments of forced extroversion occurred only when cornered by a gallery directors to meet with the press. The first, when I was younger was ok, the second, a complete disaster, and the most recent, a breeze. So it goes.

iPod finger drawing on display at Nan Giese Gallery, Charles Darwin University. 2011 This show required the full gambit of a radio interview and lecture, with some added drama from Cyclone Carlos