OK, so I have started sorting through the digital mayhem of my photo library, now scattered across a decade or two of hardrives,USB sticks,web sites and old devices. Punishment for the disorganised. The trouble is to avoid being sidetracked reminiscing over each captured moment.


Guggenheim Museum
Guggenheim Museum, NYC 2010

For example, the photos of the Guggenheim in New York reminded me that some of the collection was overseas on loan when we visited that wonderful building in 2010. I now remember  to always plan ahead to make sure my favourite works are where they are supposed to be (tongue in cheek). On the other hand there is the surprise of the unexpected. In this case the Museum was showing “C

haos and Classism”. This exhibition included the 1933 bust of  Mussolini by Renato Bertelli. My visit with one of my sons missed this chaos

The photo shows my added decoration and notation to Bertelli ‘s continuous profile of Mussolini.

Bertelli sculpture
Head of Mussolini by Renato Bertelli

There you go, I know how not to manage digital photos, now I need to work out a useful retrieval system Without distraction.  To be continued…….Damn, just made this photo collage of a page from Anton Radevsky’s pop-up book.Suggestions welcome !

Guggenheim pop up
Collage using a page from The Architecture Pop-Up Book.