I came across a quote by Udo Sellbach on print making :

Printmaking, so easily seduced into sheer illustration, pretty-picture imitation and empty display of craftsmanship, has at its best always concerned with the reduction of ideas into simplified form, expressing ideas and feelings in direct communication through black and white. (Refer Max Dimmack’s book on Noel Counihan-Page 50-53).

Sellbach highlights the difference between art made for decoration, sometimes cloaked in esoteric art theory, and art striving for meaning beyond well crafted wall candy. And so it goes, the search for meaning through content and form. A reminder to myself as I travel this road with Hilda, the printing press.

Lizard Bird. Julian Wigley 2022 TP 2 plates and hand colouring. A miss registration but I like it.
Gatherers. Julian Wigley 2022.TP1. Mixed media. Linocut, digital print on corn paper- Chine-colle

The WIP below, called ‘Claw of Death’, is progressing slowly…not sure if it is reference to the sharp carving tools I am using or an obscure visual comment on mining in the Pilbra. Ahh, stop kidding, it’s the latter. I made a haiku or 2 to to prove it.

Lino Cut WIP Stylised image:Small Bird below at base of Boab tree divided by a 'saw like' band.
T/P Lino cut WIP December ‘Claw of Death”
Graffitied Boabs 
Trucks shake the gravelled ground
A bird's song is lost

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