shell a hard outer covering  that can apply to enclosures of living organisms or manufactured explosive inorganic material .

sod a clump of earth and grass cut from the ground surface or the surface of the ground; or a disagreeable person

port a town where ships load and unload; left side of ship (or aircraft); suitcase; to carry a rifle with both hands, slanting in front of body; a door; a sweet fortified wine; to carry eg electricity, information over circuits…

Life a condition which distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic objects; a concept of existence; gaining experience by living one’s existence.

fiddle a violin; an illegal or underhand transaction or aimless body movements

microdont having small teeth; short or small tooth

doss a place to sleep , usually cheap or makeshift place to bed down for the night

retake to take back; to film again

fascism a centralised autocratic government trampling on, and suppressing all alternative views held by its citizens or “others”, has racist and social organisational structures underpinning its social controls. Sometimes linked with totalitarianism

fascis a bundle of rods giving strength to the handle of an axe (Roman roots)

rage fury, violent anger, a destructive emotion; fervour or wide spread enthusiasm for something or somebody

spittle saliva, spit gathering

piffle to speak nonsense or twaddle or codswallop; trivial chatter

sprite an imp, messenger from heaven, gremlin, or a character element referred to in some computer software

pre-Copernican obscurantist Paul Keating describing John Howard (1 May 2007 ABC radio)

slouch to sit or walk in a drooping manner; to bend down shoulders or digger hat.

sly cunning or underhand

twang a sharp ringing sound from a taught wire

champ to bite or munch with the teeth, or a champion

flabbergast to astound, astonish, take breath away with amazement

fob to keep away, usually associated with off, as “fob off”

pilgrim someone who journeys in devotion of the sacred

dicey risky,dangerous,tricky,”on the edge”, requires care

kaplunk a sound made by something ( usually shit or a heavy stone) hitting water

knockers  breasts; a group of hinged knobs or harping critics.

knocker hinged knob, harping critic

malarky speaking nonsense

yawp to utter a harsh cry-loud to bawl out

mammatus rare pouch-like cloud structure also known as breast clouds

ember small live coal, a dying fire, smouldering remains of a fire

drack unattractive, slovenly dressed

drag to pull behind; woman’s clothes worn by men; street car race; time passing slow and tedious; laborious; braking a fishing line, wing foil dynamics and few more meanings

dowsing rod divining for underground water using a rod or forked stick

beelzebub fallen angel; the prince of devils; the devil.

Yobbo loutish, aggressive, nasty, surly youth

turpitude shameful depravity

on the turps to drink alcoholic liquor to excess

collywobbles tummy upset

cranky ill tempered, quick tempered, cross

superior banality Sorting moments of life – Andre Gide

burl to move quickly; to give something a go; or, a small knot or lump of wool, thread or cloth

sort to arrange, group or organise into arrangement or a good looking sheila or a person of good standing.

bitty disjointed; all over the place.

at heart core thoughts and feelings.

have the heart to have courage or, to be unfeeling

splodge irregular spot, blot or stain, a mark.

pericardium the membranous sac enclosing the heart

besot to infatuate or to stupefy with drink

cark to die or collapse

cark it to fail or break down

go a simple word with 39 meanings as list in Macquarie dictionary including to move or proceed to be ready to go i.e. functioning

pock a pustle on the body in an eruptive disease as smallpox

drek (yiddish) manure, shit, excrement or inferior merchandise or work

doodle to draw while preoccupied

mandarine a small citrus fruit

mandarin an official of high rank, or the language of north China

hope expectation of something desired or a name. See also Proust and Shakespeare S29

trounce to beat or thrash severely

drongo raw recruit to RAAF or a slow dim witted person

bumpkin an awkward clumsy yokel or a little barrel

yokel a person of rustic origin or a country bumpkin

noggin a horizontal building component fixed between wall studs or small cup or the head

gaffaw course loud laughter

jig a device to hold material to be shaped with a tool or a lively dance or a fishing tackle that is used to bob up and down or to play truant from school

pot a container or marijuana

thwart to oppose and frustrate, or a seat across a boat

flop failure or to collapse or drop down

dot a female name or a circular mark on paper

dong to hit or punch or to ring; or the penis

donga bush shelter or shallow gully; or penis

bop to hit someone or to dance

boot a heavy shoe or to place into the bargain or to start up a computer

design a planned idea, implemented as an elegant solution, to answer a number of constraints

wane moon’s decrease in illumination. Decrease in energy or interest

nob member of a social elite and different to a knob

hobble to walk lamely, to limp or to restrain or impede

one singular unit or individual or a word of identification

or to be or not to be . A word connecting alternatives

quits to even off by repayment or retaliation

fear a crippling emotion or a reaction used to survive situations.

quail a small bird or to shrink with fear

conceit overblown estimate of one’s ability, importance, wit

animate to make alive

svelte slender in figure

togs clothes such as swimming togs

fool a person who lacks sense. To trick a person.

finger any of the bits at the end of the hand other than the thumb. To play with. Sometimes used as an insulting gesture.

stark grim desolate sheer and utter.

slither a sliding movement displayed by all politicians most of the time.

bonk to deliver a blow or have sexual intercourse.

bonkers crazy

sombrero A broad rimmed hat of Spain and the Americas.

stuff the material of what anything is made. Identifying what is owned by an individual. A lazy description to explain everything and nothing, including useless things and broken material objects. Get stuffed, being stuffed and I’m stuffed, are other uses.

journey of discovery a phrase used by some to emphasis a positive slant on misfortune.

pugnacious given to fighting; quarrelsome;aggressive. Combative.

moral relativism-used by some people as a derogatory term to tag anyone who disagrees with their own righteous, populist view of an event or ethical propositions in the use of violence and amoral deeds. Wikipedia definition is here.

generational change– generally proposed by aspiring younger politicians or leaders in-waiting

dreadnought –type of battleship or someone who fears nothing.

Stridulate- to produce a shrill grating sound by rubbing to components together .Refer cricket sounds.

codswallop-crap or nonsense.

a face rich in hope (Proust). See also Shakespeare Sonnet 29.

extraordinary rendition-refer Salman Rushdie article:

“Extraordinary” is an ordinary enough adjective, but its sense is being stretched here to include more sinister meanings that your dictionary will not provide: “secret”, “ruthless” and “extralegal”.

As for “rendition”, the English language permits four meanings: a performance, a translation, a surrender — this meaning is now considered archaic — or an “act of rendering”, which leads us to the verb “to render”, among whose 17 possible meanings you will not find “to kidnap and covertly deliver an individual or individuals for interrogation to an undisclosed address in an unspecified country where torture is permitted”.See also PEN “State of Emergency (11/8/05)”.

obloquy-the descredit or disgrace resulting from public blame or revilement.

PP’spsychopathic personalities– the medical term for smart personable people who have no consciences (quote Kurt Vonnegut : “A man without a country” page 99.Published 2005 Seven Stories Press.
whisper-speaking softly, confidential;rumour.


wallop-to hit with impact.

vapid-insipid; tedious; flat and tedious.

recreant– cowardly or craven; unfaithful, disloyal;a traitor.

propitiate-to make favourably inclined; appease;conciliate.

tootsy-a foot.

shrill- high-pitched and piercing.

currish-curlike;snarling;quarrelsome.Contemptible.Dealing with a cur.

sedition 2.-language promoting discontent. Example Alan Jones. December 2005.

burl –(Australian slang)- give it a go; or move quickly; or to taunt and jeer at.

jobbery– the practice of making improper private gains from public or official business.

jiggery-pokery –dishonest dealing, trickery.

dewlap – a pendulous fold of skin under the throat of cattle, fowls, some dogs and occasionally humans.

fricative-a noise produced by air being forced through an opening as in a fricative consonant.

sedition 1-incitement of discontent or rebellion against the government action or language promoting such discontent or rebellion. e.g.Remarks by Amanda Vanstone (Minister for Immigration (Australia) reported generally on 21 November 2005. To quote: “But has it ever occurred to you that you just smash your wine glass and jump at someone, grab the top of their head, put it to their carotid artery and ask anything?” Scarey even for Amanda!

Repost from Wigley– 2007