I am very tentative in having my image captured but not as much as my friend who will fight to avoid it always offering a drawing of a Thylacine or at best a Tom Cat as an alternative. He never showed me his drivers licence.

My digital self-portraits are usually obscured by contrariness, distortion and deflection, with some reflection. Some might say a good capture of character. ┬áIt’s simpler: A selfie offers immediate content for experimenting, doodling and making images.

This 2013 image combines multiple photos using Leonardo. A clue to the intent of this “self reflection” self-portrait is the lingering wasp and the year. OK, all very obscure, but isn’t that the purpose of doodling, working through life’s issues.

Doodle of brief holiday visiting the Apple Isle

The base of this digital image is a pastel drawing of a swimmer standing in the sea.

The overlays of additional colour and skeletal patterns brings the skin alive and adds atmosphere to the sky. The glimpse of map showing through adds a visual note to myself.

In the sea. Pastel
Self portrait with two dogs.

The drawing above combines the earlier 2 images. I like the colouring and atmosphere of this iPad finger doodle There are streaks of the Vellum app graphic line (delightful to use) blended in layers, using a map graphic and other photo self-portraits images all fixed with frame filters.

Then there are the rose-coloured “look at me” selfies. This is my attempt of a straight forward selfie with a touch of digital paranoia.*

*I am not sure I need to be so paranoid about giving up images of my irises to the Internet since travelling to the USA.

Thinking of Japan

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