Some more talking to myself. 

I am using my canvas as giant iPad screen. This is no surprise, after spending a decade of cutting and pasting images under the glass screen of my iPad. The cross over between the digital screen and the wet world of paper and canvass is not a big jump. I do miss the ease of using the redo button and waving magic wands when pasting images and layering colour on a canvas media. 

Initially, pencil drawings were done as photographic underlays for further digital manipulation within my iPad.  The process is cyclic, pasting digitally made images into a paper and canvas assemblage after which the resulting image can be taken back into the iPad for further refinement (or curiosity). A process allowing exploration that offers serendipitous accidents to keep my curiosity and interest going. There is still an expectation of a finished work.

The following collection of photos are of works in progress, shown to illustrate the link between mediums and processes.

WIP Flight/Rest is a homage to our dominant flocking birds around our home. Collage of used drawings, pastel, inks and acrylic on paper with applied feathers.

Flight/Rest WIP

The real world collage taken back into the iPad to sort ideas or make a version of the idea…

Flight/Still Variation. Digital image.

I sporadically work on my painting,’The architect’, as I’m still deciding on its composition and underlying purpose. The end is near, so I say, bravely. It may need another 150 cm to its rights side.

WIP The Architect. Oil on canvas

I have not followed the composition of the original drawing so I have reworked the painting with my iPad to explore some ideas. A never ending story.

The architect -Digital version

Another work underway is ‘Feral cats’. The acrylic and ink drawing segments are waiting to be cleaned up, assembled and layered over a landscape and sky.

Feral cats. WIP

A regular theme of mine has been the swimmer or drowning man. This collage, Man swimming, wearing a tie and bathing cap is a collage of old drawings and paintings

WIP The swimmer wearing a bathing cap and tie. WIP (Imp series)

This bland face drawn on an iPod ( I think) many years ago has been sitting around waiting for a use. He finally made it as the ‘ Decorated Soldier’. Collage on card using celluloid film, photographic paper, ink and acrylic paint. Julj 2022

Collage ‘Decorated soldier ‘ 2022

So there you have it….My intimate chat to myself on the current state of the winter art shed and Catch him by his name is dormant.

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