The iPad came to the rescue whilst manning a gallery of a group show I was part of.  Gallery sitting has its moments, but boredom struck by the 4th hour.  I kept my eye on the passing trade in between doodling a mechanical boat-holder and making this digital collage of my Swimming with fishes series exploring 2 D multi dimensional images.
Selfie doodle

Digital collage: Into my 4th hour.  I may have scared the buyers off. Note to self: No glaring, just smile.

I thoroughly enjoyed rediscovering 3D made easy to recapture some childhood memories. Using an app is far easier than using red and blue biro pens as I did 50+ years ago. I wish my father had not burnt my  3D Mighty Mouse comics

The layering of drawings with varied multi-shift settings provides a depth of field where the images either recedes or floats in front of the paper plane, depending on the colour lens used. My  creative exploration was to see how far I could retain a drawing’s visual integrity as a standalone image and also provide a different visual experience using 3D glasses.

3D_swimming with fishes
Swimming with Fishes: Digital version of original drawing.

It was great to see younger people enjoy old fashion 3D viewing of still images.


I kept active by recording ages and  viewing habits of the patrons. Older viewers usually had to be coaxed to put the glasses on-I prompted only when interest was expressed.  Many looked but lacked curiosity to view the work using glasses. Peoples hesitancy may have been due to their perceived embarrassment of doing something childish, or dare I say it, just a lack of interest in the image 🙂

3D specs in action


Viewing 3D drawings. Photo: Cassie Partington