There are many birds that demand attention. The Masked lapwing is one of those birds. Being chased by angry parents is an experience to be treated with caution. They work in tandem, protecting a solitary egg nestled in the cut grass, out in the open, the purpose of their tactical distractions includes ferocious noise, playing the injured bird, followed by swooping attacks with open wings with nasty spurs.

It is wise to take notice of public announcements during the breeding season to avoid losing an eye or two.

Strutting Lapwing
Masked lapwing parents with chick


Then there are the gracious Magpie geese stopping over during their seasonal migrations.

New feathers or cooling
New feathers or cooling

Magpie geese and an Ibis.

These birds are some of the feathered delights experienced when in the Top End in urban Darwin. But remember, the quaint Lapwing is vicious during hatching season.