Nina Simone

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“The bombing of the little girls in Alabama and the murder of Medgar Evers were like the final pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that made no sense until you had fitted the whole thing together. I suddenly realized what it was to be Black in America in 1963, but it wasn’t an intellectual connection …it came as a rush of fury, hatred and determination. In church language, the Truth entered into me and I `came through.’ …An hour later I came out of my apartment with the sheet music for ‘Mississippi Goddam” in my hand. It was my first civil rights song and it erupted out of me quicker than I could write it down.” — Nina Simone.  Source Artists (Don’t work appears to have dissolved into the ether)

Other songs: (Note the links don’t work)  I ain’t got nothing…but life — Strange fruit ….Nina Simone

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