Up until a couple of years ago my easel was my lap. Not a laptop but where my iDevices lay. This was due to circumstances of my other work life, some stints in hospital and a growing preference for the immediacy of mobileartistry where you create,then publish with a flick of the thumb and a tap of the index finger.

The trouble is there are billions of photos uploaded across social media and art specific web sites growing with each instance. The connected world is flooded with #artsy images. There is little curation other than the underlying workings of algorithms of each platform or those attempting to monetarise the loaded content.

There is a battle going on. Are creators just frogs slowly boiling in a pot ? It takes time to find your niche.

Now my practice is back in the analogue world I’ve noticed that I’m expecting the same freedoms that the digital domain treats image making. That’s an obscure comment which needs interrogation sooner than later.

It will be an interesting journey back.

Self portrait: A 2007 finger drawing using Vellum on an iPhone.