As I opened my Instagram feed this morning there was a flash of words “don’t make art for the algorithm”. The graphic was blurred but the message was clear in an instant… and topical for me.

Was it a kindred spirit sending me a subliminal message?

Was it another person caught in the machine: Between putting thoughts through the screen for the Man, or splashing ink on paper for the self? If so, please get in touch 🙂

The game

Screen time versus dipping the nib is a real issue for me. It is not just the physical ease of creating images with a finger and tablet as there is also enjoyment. Whereas, in the real world of marks on paper there is no forgiveness.

Drawing is working on the edge chasing an idea, giving meaning to a feeeling through simple lines. I am not talking about skilful renderings of the world where work is planned and progressed through craft, patience and skill. It is the more personal that draws my attention.

I remember seeing a small pen drawing of the Madonna by Leonardo Da Vinci in a visiting exhibition at the NGV many years ago. In my memory it measures around 40mm square amongst much grander but laboured works. What caught my eye was the immediacy of the drawn line. I could feel the artist’s breath with each pen stroke.

His drawing was sandwiched between a two-way glass display as Leonardo had reworked the image on the reverse side of the thick paper. He used a light box! I will never know which side was drawn first.

Meanwhile I will put the final coat of reflective paint on my new constructed A2 Lightbox.

A bright future…… the stirrings of my story bucks with each procrastination I place in its way. And each stop is a start to that story.

The game. Naughts and crosses
The game: From my Instagram feed