For the last few months, amidst other distractions of chasing Baines, I have been wrangling several cat drawings and paintings started decades ago but never finished.

This old tom cat bears little resemblance to the original. He is still being difficult, demanding some whiskers, a mouth and possibly some claw marks if I don’t finish him soon.

Painting Tom Cat
Richmond Tom Cat- Acrylic on paper Size 560mm x 760mm

Not sure why this urge to render cats when I am surrounded by so many resident wild birds with not a cat in sight. Thankfully.

Painting Strutting cat
Cat (strutting)- Digital version
Original: Acrylic on paper 2019 Size 560mm x 760 mm

Frustration with one older drawing drove me to perform drastic reworking using scissors and adhesive leading to this optical play utilising afterimage.

Drawing Optical cat
Sitting cat. Cut paper/acrylic on paper. 2019 Size 1090mm x 760mm

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